Schmechtig Landscapes is committed to a sustainable environment by providing and promoting products and services to enhance a client’s landscape for the present and future. Our management, designers, and technicians receive training on green practices and technologies.  We assist homeowners with products and methods to achieve LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) points toward their residence and assist commercial properties to become LEED certified.  Our knowledge in green roofs, water conserving irrigation products, efficient lighting systems, permeable paving, drought tolerant native plants, and renewable technologies collectively result in reduced water, heating and cooling usage and costs.
Our construction division put into effect procedures to reduce fuel consumption and emissions along with reducing dust pollution.  We recycle brass, copper, steel and iron products which we remove from our projects.  All plant waste from our maintenance and construction sites are converted into rich organic compost which is then used on new construction sites to prepare plant beds and our nurseries totaling 80 acres.  Our office staff contributes by using recycled paper, creating electronic documents to reduce paper use and recycling office waste.



landscape-nursery-ilCultivating an endless variety of colors, textures and fragrances, Schmechtig Landscapes owns and operates
nurseries totaling 80 acres with thousands of specimen trees, shrubs, ornamental grasses, drought tolerant native plants and flowering perennials.  This allows us to provide clients with superior Midwest-acclimated specimen plants.  We use our own rich organic compost made of plant waste from our maintenance and construction sites. With plants and materials immediately available, our installations move forward without delay, and clients are always pleased when we are able to grow the precise item desired for their unique environment.


Container Pot Service exterior-seasonal-decorating-il
 Our artistic container pots provide a creative arrangement of plants and flowers adding warmth and fragrance to your outdoor living areas.  The designs are ideal for entryways, patios and small gardens.  As the seasons change, we design each arrangement to reflect your individual tastes and preferences enhancing the seasonal colors to your environment for you to enjoy.


Holiday Lighting
 holiday-lightingOur staff will meet with you to determine your lighting needs, whether it for your home, or business. We design, build and implement the type of lighting displays for what you want to accomplish. We offer you quality service and maintenance.  When you are ready, we will uninstall and at your request store your holiday lights and decorations.





For selling or buying a home

The exterior spaces of a home are the first impression of a property for the individual listing their home to sell or the new owner who just moved in and wants to make their new house feel like their home.  Schmechtig Landscapes will consult, design and install an exterior staging solution that exceeds expectations and enhances the enjoyment and use of the outdoor living environment.

Our exterior staging services include:

  • Consultation, Design and Installation
  • InEx-teriors Design Service
  • Maintenance Plans
  • Clean-Up
  • Plant Bed Service
  • Four Color Seasonal Displays
  • Lawn Care
  • Tree Health Care
  • Weed, Insect and Disease Control
  • Animal Repellants
  • Plant Protection
  • Seasonal Container Pots
  • Architectural and Outdoor Lighting

garden-services-il-01We enjoy creating and maintaining your exterior living environment for your enjoyment and use.  In every aspect of landscape management, our staff is dedicated to providing the highest  quality in customer service keeping your outdoor living space flourishing.  Schmechtig Landscapes’ Garden Services focuses on enhancing your featured perennial garden design, specialized seasonal annual containers, flower bed design and landscape bed enrichment.  This special and personal design service is complementary to our annual maintenance clients.  From a few seasonal container pots for your home’s front entrance and patio, to renovating a section of your existing landscape, to the small areas in your yard that could benefit from a little
‘sprucing up’ Garden Services will take care of everything: design, plant material selection, and installation.